Before you Buy Fortnite Mobile !

We’re here with another article with our thoughts on the latest games releasing. Today we’re doing something a little different, we’re talking about a mobile game, we’re talking about Fortnite Battle Royale. Love it or hate it, this is the top game in the charts right now and the fact that it’s got a direct mobile version marks it’s really making some big moves. So while it is invite-only right now you’ve probably seen it pop up on the Apple App Store. And the way it works once: you get a code and you can get in you’ve got a surprisingly competent mobile port version of Fortnite. And if you’re willing to come to grips with some of the limitations and playing a game on a phone you’re gonna have some fun.

Now let’s get some housekeeping on it away because as of right now you’ll need to be running iOS 11 on one of these devices I’ll run them down: there’s iPhone se iPhone 6s 6s plus iPhone 7 7 plus iphone 8 8 plus iPhone 10 iPad Mini 4 iPad air 2 iPad 2017 or iPad pro. Now personally I’ve been more into Android the past few years and I’m really sad that it’s not getting support right out of the gate but they did say compatibility is coming soon and it’s gonna support Google pixel 2 in excel the huawei mate 10 the huawei mate 9 / jhin’s Huawei p10 Huawei p9 Huawei p8 Lite LG G 6 and the LG v 30 and V 30 + . So the cool thing on Fortnite Mobile is that it’s a one-to-one experience since you login with your epic account everything transfers over if you’ve been playing on PC ps4 or Xbox one. All your challenges achievements and skins and stuff will directly transfer over and you can just keep on bouncing between mobile and console or PC.

It’s really nice and convenient right off the bat I’ll say this is a huge plus for the game. it makes giving the mobile version a try that much easier just because it’s so damn seamless if you have that login. The ability to work on your challenges while you’re on break at work or on the toilet feels like a miracle. And yes it’s a completely fully featured and playable version of the Fortnite battle royale mode straight up. On higher-end phones it runs at a solid 30 fps and is completely playable and looks decent enough. You get the same bright colors and character animations just at a lower resolution and a bit less detail. Little innovations to make it more accessible on mobile will definitely help. Auto sprinting is easy and useful to engage and aiming and shooting feels as tight as it can be within the constraints of actually being on a touch screen.

There are on-screen indicators as well giving you hints towards the sound of treasure chests and gunfire and footsteps that you may not be able to hear if you’re just playing without headphones or if you’re on a commute or something. It’s balanced well because it’s just enough to help but not enough to give you a huge advantage over other people. Although you could certainly use an advantage if you choose to engage in cross-platform play and by that I mean opt in and choose to play with folks on consoles and PC. The technology here at work is amazing, the fact that you jumping into a match with your friend playing on another platform totally works. You just might have a tougher time keeping up because you have touchscreen controls. A quick fielding is awkward when you’re giving yourself like a ramp or building up just because you don’t have as much precision. You might run into actually accidentally placing stuff sometimes. It’s nice that it’s toned down and simplified but it still doesn’t feel as seamless as you’d like. Otherwise menus and stuff make perfect sense here it’s all translated to a phone really nicely with Fortnite Mobile Hack.

I want to point out control wise to that the jumping shotgun thing doesn’t quite work as well here. Even though you can technically still jump and shoot it just doesn’t move too well. That’s fine because it’s not something I resort to usually but when you’re playing against other players who can do it and you can’t sometimes it sucks. Plus weapon switching is kind of awkward if it was more of a swipe motion it will be easier. Especially when you’re like in a firefight and you’re changing distance or you don’t have time to reload switching to your other weapon takes a teeny tiny second too long, and those could be crucial seconds. But then again like I keep saying you’re playing on a phone and there are always some concessions to be had.

Because despite the shortcomings, the fun factor still translates over here. The nerve-wracking feeling of getting down to the final five is still here and it’s just as challenging and thrilling. dropping into a map still has the same impact and making a mark and plotting wherever the hell you want to go what you plan to do really works perfectly. I’m genuinely surprised how well the game works most of the time. the Battle Royale game mode is a mode that you either love or you hate. but if you love it you know it’s incredibly addictive. so much to the point that you’ll want to get your fix on a phone even if the controls aren’t perfect.

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