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12 Things You Need To Know About Fortnite Mobile

Surprise! Fortnite is now playable on mobile phones and iOS devices, well as long as you have an invite code, or if you have already received a code either from a pic or from a friend . Chances are you’ll already be plugging away at the game, shooting, looting and building your way to a victory royale.

On the go if you weren’t lucky enough to blog a code however you might be wondering how the game plays or whether or not your phone will even be able to play the damn thing. When access finally opens up for everyone, to help you out, here are 13 things you need to know about Fortnite Mobile.

Congratulations! you’ve got your code to play Fortnite on mobile so why is it doing this ? Turns out you’ll need at least an iPhone 6s or an iPhone se to run Fortnite mobile plain old iPhone 6s or iPhone 6 pluses are unfortunately not compatible with the game. So why won’t Fortnite work on anything lower than a 6s? Well it’s all down to the devices processor specifically the Apple a9 chip. This chip is present in the newer 6s and se phones but anything older like the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6 plus will only have an Apple a8 chip .

Fortnite Mobile will also work on some iPads namely the iPad Mini for iPad pro and the iPad air 2. Basically any iPhone or iPad device manufactured in 2017 or later should be compatible. Sadly this means Fortnite Mobile is also incompatible with Apple TV so if you were thinking about giving that a try I’ve just saved you about half an hour of faffing around.

fortnite mobile

There’s no news yet about what Android devices will be compatible with Fortnite Mobile because that support isn’t coming in for the next few months because Fortnite Mobile is available across a range of devices. Your experience will be slightly different depending on which one you use the footage. I’m using for the majority of this article comes from a 6s but as you can see from this iPhone X footage that phone. Features a slightly wider aspect ratio . The extra power it provides also gives an increase to draw distance more robust shadows, lots of foliage and higher resolution textures. It’s possible to see more of the game world with these improvements and the visuals more closely match the console release on iPhone se and 6s. Detailers pair back to a minimum with reduced image quality and a massive reduction in overall scene size. It’s a difference you might expect when playing a ps3 version of a PlayStation 4 cross jem game.

Basically the game is fundamentally the same across all devices but the presentation is drastically cut down on some of them in order to run smoothly. Unlike the console version of Fortnite the framerate on mobile is capped at a maximum of 30 frames per second which makes sense when it comes to conserving battery life.

More than anything else before you even go about trying to install Fortnite mobile it’s worth pointing out that the game itself is a whopping 2 gigabytes in size. If you’ve got a device with a lot of storage that shouldn’t be too much of a problem but if you’re constantly running out of space on your phone this is something you’re really going to need to consider.

One of the first things you’ll notice when playing Fortnite mobile is that the map is identical to the console and PC versions right down to the layout of the roads and the locations of all the buildings because no shortcuts have been taken. Epic has been able to make it so cross-platform play is possible across mobile console and PC. That doesn’t mean mobile players will be forced to fight against players on other platforms, though that would probably lead to a lot of unfair advantages especially if a mobile player was put up against someone with a keyboard and mouse.

By default, mobile players are matched with other mobile players only so if you jump into solos expect to only be fighting other mobile players. If you do want to indulge in some cross-platform play though you’ll need to opt into it but once you’ve done that you’ll be able to join squads with friends on other platforms. To keep things fair your squad will then only be match made against other multi-platform squads which is nice because it means PC only squads won’t be able to come along and tear all the multi-platform squads pieces.

So with the techie stuff out of the way how does the game actually play? Well let’s start with arguably the most important thing: being able to move around taking cues from a lot of touchscreen shooters. The left-hand side of the screen has a virtual stick for movement. You push it in the direction you want to move or you can double tap the stick to put the character into an auto run. In case I don’t know you want to pick your nose or scratch your bum or something. On the right-hand side of the screen you can use the crouch and jump icons. You guessed it! crouch and jump and that’s about it.

Shooting works in pretty much the same way with aiming and looking around being handled by dragging your firm around the right-hand side of the screen to fire. Just tap the screen and your character will automatically shoot in the direction you’re looking. But if you want to have a little bit more control over your aim you can press the aim-down-sights button which is located just next to the Crouch icon. Oh and to make things a bit easier for touchscreen controls there’s also a little bit of auto aim in there as well. It’s not a huge amount but there’s enough to balance out the inaccuracy caused by clumsy thumbs.

If you need to reload or change your weapon it’s as easy as tapping the icons on the bottom part of the screen. That little button next to the ammo counter will activate your reloads whilst tapping any weapon on the HUD inventory will instantly equip it.

Fortnite’s signature building mechanic also translates pretty well to mobile just click on the building icon to enter the build mode and as long as you have the materials you can build to your heart’s content. Tapping on icons located on the lower portion of the screen will let you change between materials and build types then you use the icons on the right hand side of the screen to rotate. Place and edit if you’ve tried to do this on console using a controller you should find this mobile method a little easier. To use as everything just seems a little less complicated elsewhere in the game.

Weapon and item pickups are now automatic just walk over them and you’ll pick them up. It’s super quick and easy to do and it speeds up your movement around the map nd that’s not all that’s automatic though. In Fortnite mobile and you can also open doors just by walking into them which is of course super useful in the game but maybe not so much in real life. I just tried to do it in my house and well now I’ve got a nosebleed.

Click on the backpack icon at any time to open your inventory and manage your items. It’s pretty simple this time, just a case of dragging and dropping. Whatever you do or don’t want one thing you should be wary of though is the fact that if you decide to drop inventory items it’s very easy and frustrating to accidentally pick them up again by running over them. As soon as you leave Fortnite menu so all things considered the touchscreen controls work pretty well but maybe you were thinking about using a Bluetooth controller in order to get the upper hand against other mobile gamers.

Well unfortunately at the moment Bluetooth controllers are not supported in Fortnite mobile. They will be supported eventually but Fortnitew you’ll have to keep your Chiti controllers well away from the game. Fortnite mobile hack is obviously a great idea but sometimes you might be in a situation where things are a bit too noisy and you don’t have any headphones. If that happens judging where enemies and chests are located is going to be a little tricky. Thankfully epic is built in a load of audio cues which are represented visually as indicators in the center of the screen so while hunting for chests for example there’s now an icon to show you when one is nearby.

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